Blossoms of the light

Rose Red

Oh rosy rose red
How adorable you are
In green garden's bed
Like a summer star
Full of day's thrill
And a bouquets' queen
Love's passion to fill
Nowhere prettier seen

Blossoms of the light
In your silky red glow
Eyes adore and abide
When petals you show
Passion is your name
In your image striking
Red reddish hot flame
Love's prettiest liking

Oh rosy rose red
In the autumn so fair
When colors you bled
Are like lover's tear
In each day you live
You reveal even more
And bouquets you give
For adore and amour

Poetry by Peter S. Quinn
Read 912 times
Written on 2010-08-21 at 12:31

Tags Rose  Red  Light 

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