The Agony you Portray

My radiate eyes of illuminate beaming emerald.
Dimming, becoming blunt as you cry for help

You own the ambition to drive me to snap
A pure mortal twig I am

You cry, you crawl

My intensity of my compassion

I'm withered, and frail
Dim, and doubted

The agony you portray
Will drown me

Poetry by Tidy Mess
Read 563 times
Written on 2010-08-31 at 08:32

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I must get a new keyboard, this one does not spell right :-)

I love this, such emotion. You have way with words that is exceptional, keep writting, i will ad you as a friend, if that is OK.

Be blessed

Zoey xX
I like this one.
It shows the emotion of the poem perfectly.

PS. [Hi, best friend. ^^]