This was inspired of today (which is my 14th thanks giving) we were yelling at eachother but once our guest arrived we acted as if we were the "perfect" family

Were actors, Were good

We role play as what were suppose to be,
We fight, we yell, we tare our hearts to shreds.
But once a witness arrives, all goes silent by a simple howl of a dog.

We act, were good.
We act and pretend were happy, like were a family.

But maybe its just me- the actor of the daughter.
Is it just me who can never fulfil the role.

I cant act, I am no actor.
Life still keeps me around.

I just write screen writes, for the movies.
But Life wont let them be played on film
It wont let us even practice.

I am tired of having to act, how my cue button is a howl.
I am tired of not ever feeling the real experience.

But for now, its the way the movie wants.
It's what Life wants.

And I will continue to act, until I wont have to anymore.

Poetry by Tidy Mess
Read 567 times
Written on 2010-10-11 at 02:27

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neha b
truth of life.....