Life's choices.

Crossroads Conversation

A saint and a sinner met one day where two roads crossed each other;
"Which way shall we go?", asked Sinner.  And Saint replied, "Dear brother,
there are two roads which all may travel in this journey that we call life,
and no matter the way we go, my friend, we are bound to face trouble and strife.
Neither way will be easy to follow; each has its pitfalls and snares,
and no one ever arrives at the end untouched by heartaches and cares."

"So, alas, why bother", asked Sinner, "to decide with soul-searching fervor
whether to take the one to the right, or go wrong and follow the other?
Let us toss a coin in the air and allow either heads or tails
to decide how we live our lives; whether we succeed or fail."

"Oh, friend, do not be hasty", said Saint, "or rely on chance to decide,
for the roads are vastly divergent, though they often run side by side.
We may not see the difference now, but our destination will tell;
the road on the right enters heaven, while the other leads straight to hell."

And here the conversation ends; Saint and Sinner go on their way;
We know not which road was taken on that faithful, deciding day.
But whether they went to the right or left, this lesson we must learn if we can;
Saint and Sinner are in all of us, for they are both the same man.

Poetry by Barbara Carleton
Read 445 times
Written on 2010-09-15 at 17:53

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