Challenge text.


There is something on the wing,

something in the air;

something I can't see,

but I surely know it's there;

real as the breath I take,

something light and free;

caressing me with tenderness,

gently touching me.

I can not pin it down,

and would not if I could,

for it shimmers in my soul;

a presence, sweet and good.

It's reflected in other eyes

when his spirit touches mine,

I can see it glowing there,

like gold, in fire refined.

It is a promise, like a rainbow,

and a gift, like a lullaby;

it's ethereal,  like a moonbeam,

it's boundless, like the sky.

It is untouchable, as a hymn

that angels sing above;

yet solid and unmovable;

for it is's love.




Poetry by Barbara Carleton
Read 1070 times
Written on 2010-09-17 at 19:28

Tags Love  Romance 

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Barbara, I enjoyed this one very much my friend.


Libyan Rose
Very nice poem.i like it