From the heart of the universe to the heart of a man.

The Greatest of These Is Love

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In the midst of the universe sailed a planet,
going round and round in its orb,
with a sun and moon in attendance
from which life's energy was absorbed;
and it spun through eons in the cosmos
as on time and space it gorged.

In the midst of the planet rolled an ocean,
pushed and pulled by the tides,
and it tilted and swayed against shores,
as deep as it ever was wide;
moods changing without prediction ;
its face reflected in the skies.

In the midst of the ocean sat a continent,
firm and green and lush;
the growth of the ages in its soil,
and the ages of growth in its brush,
so that passing winds swayed the greenery
with a sigh and a swish and a hush.

In the midst of the continent lay a valley;
meadows laced together by rills,
with mists so silently treading
upon the skirts of the hills
that they lost all cohesion and form,
their wanderlust finally fulfilled.

In the midst of the valley stood a house,
humble and simple and small,
its roof hewn from nearby trees,
and the valley sod for its walls.
It rose from the bracken gently
to mar the scape not at all.

In the midst of the house lived a man,
brave and strong from his birth,
who toiled for his daily bread,
taking his needs from the earth;
giving back to the Eden around him
more than his taking was worth.

In the midst of the man beat a heart
in which could be found nothing worse
than happiness, hope, and good will,
knowing immunity to evil's curse;
bowing to Love Incarnate,
it encompassed the universe.

Poetry by Barbara Carleton
Read 894 times
Written on 2010-09-18 at 02:28

Tags Creation  Universe 

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