A fantasy?

The Unicorn and the Angel

His mantle was made of braided clouds,
And his coat the armor of a knight.
The horn he bore was his courage,
But his heart could not be light;
For his angel was held captive
Behind walls in a far away place.
How he longed to set her free
To a land of beauty and grace!
So he roamed the hills of Solitude
In the light of a mystic moon,
Wondering how he could have her
And praying for deliverance soon.
Then by the magic of love
That can not be held by walls,
His angel spread her wings
And answered her lover's call.
The night mists drifted away,
And his path was no longer black;
He soared away into forever
With his angel on his back.

Poetry by Barbara Carleton
Read 783 times
Written on 2010-09-17 at 18:28

Tags Fantasy  Love 

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