Been looking into various doomsday-prophecies lately.
Mostly because I can almost feel the world crying for change.
The theories and speculations around the Anti-Christ figure holds a certain fascination for me.

The Third Defiant Brother

Nostradamus prophecied my undoing
Yet by his deathly tongue was told my becoming

Far across the steppes of Nod
Shall I seek the necromancers rod

Sing my dirge, fear my rebirth
Hail the dead, with tainted mirth

Intent casts its shadow of dread
Because I know; disillusion will rule in my stead

My loved ones will suffer harrowing spite
Chaos and bloodshed will anoint me in my last rite

Beware the revenant,
Its power-mongering avarice
Salvation is irrelevant
When the damned hoist their malice

A once and future king
To hold the scepter and the ring

My brothers of three
Were lesser than me
One the Cannonmaster;
Crowned by disaster
Two the Purger;
Lightning urger

Three the Black Nimbus
Whom is yet to be
I am Mabus,
And your world belongs to me

Poetry by Rex Panthera
Read 522 times
Written on 2010-10-02 at 12:57

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Doreen Cavazza
Haunting and mystic - your words form a visual of the birth of something to behold and beware. I like this. You poetry always has a powerful edge to it. Nice :)