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A Bride Of Evil

Can you love a monster in a crown?
Without repulsion or frown?

Then, my love, come take the crown of an evil queen
Sit beside me, in this accursed seat
If indeed you can endure hells' heat
We shall bring an apocalypse unprecedented and unseen

Your gentle hand in mine of iron
Hand in hand we shall bring terror upon the land
To the running of blood and roar of my armies marching on;
Caress me my love, I desire the touch of your hand

Can you live with curses cast upon your name?
If so, then you are worthy of becoming my Dame

Clothe me in my regal armour
You my sweetest amour
And wear your dark gown tonight
As you become my priestess with this rite;

Drink the blood of my most hated foe
Then cast upon his soul a spell of woe
I await you in the chamber of the most hellish shadow
Seek me out when it is the hollow throne that you hallow

You, my Priestess
I, your Dark Lord
Together we shall rule in the darkness
And unleash upon man our relentless horde

Will you rule with me every wraith and devil?
Will you become mine, a bride of evil?

Poetry by Rex Panthera
Read 542 times
Written on 2010-11-24 at 19:40

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Doreen Cavazza
This has a dark, romantic, evil quality. I was pulled into your world of darkness and swept away by the words. I like that he's looking for a mate that is as evil as he. Someone to overshadow the kingdom and rule with evil intent. I like this. Written very well.