Silver leaves of winter...

Silver Leaves

Silver leaves
In frozen snow
Winter retrieves
Those come and go
Beautiful hours
In cold liberty
Icy laid flowers
For you and me

Moments of giving
Before bygone
In days living
Here on and on
Everything's falling
Like those gold
Oblivion calling
Nothing can hold

On to yesterday
Themes are playing
Tones somber lay
Nothing long staying
Hold to memories
Breezy time brief
Like wind in trees
And a falling leaf

Poetry by Peter S. Quinn
Read 916 times
Written on 2010-12-04 at 15:58

Tags Leaves  Silver  Winter 

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Reminded me somehow of Robert Frost's poem, Nothing Gold Can Stay. Made me think of the passing of time, my own included and to hold on to memories. Just beautiful.

"Oblivion calling / Nothing can hold" . . . wonderful winter images and emotions throughout.

John Ashleigh
A very beautiful poem - this is the first poem that I've read of yours truly, and I'll have to comment on some more of your poetry. The imagery is very good, and the flow of the poem even better. Thanks for sharing.