While it rained outside, My ideas worked inside, My feelings I could not hide, Here I gladly provide, In favor of Nature I decide, As Angels ever preside, By being at Nature's side.

Gift of Nature and Man's Torture

For the sake of earning money
Miss not things that are funny

Of course, money is important
Holding it is really excellent

Still small joys you can win
Without money coming in

A look at that round moon
Is not this a great boon?

Thanking that mighty Sun
This is true joy dear son

How cool is this nice breeze!
Stop and thank it please

The Earth bears the burden
Its job is always well-done

Water is a holy product
Which man can't induct

Flower looks so beautiful
Feeling never at all dull

Sky produces helpful rain
Who can feel its real pain?

Stars and clouds ever play
Hide and seek every day

Fragrance is to us a gift
Our mood it does lift

Food stuff that we eat
Gladly do dying feat

Each and everything
Is for others working

O- Man- But you manage
To cause maximum damage

You call it great leadership
By giving others hardship

You stash very huge wealth
Destroying Nature's health

You invent to destroy
Your actions annoy

You gladly murder
By working harder

You love to hate
Sorrow you create.


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 793 times
Written on 2010-12-07 at 17:12

Tags God  Nature  Man 

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