God is there to care and I can with Him share, My sadness He will repair, He will help me prepare, As He is ever fair, And so to pray I will dare.

Broad Mind of God- Our Lord

God knows what should be done
He will surely remove the burden

His heart is full of love and mercy
Kindness is His one and only policy

If His devotee is in deep distress
He will definitely decide to bless

God must be with hope intimated
All our problems must be narrated

God alone can do the best rescue
As always perfect is His broad view

God handles just like that the Cosmos
For each and everything He is the boss

Nothing can escape His piercing eyes
God alone will get us the best surprise

God will never do anything unjust
His tools will never at all suffer rust

He will control using love and affection
He will never fail to offer protection

God alone will never think of ditching
He stops troubles that fate is pitching

God will ultimately take the right action
He is an expert in doing the correction

Never think that God can be cheated
It is better that idea is firmly deleted

He watches the Cosmos very keenly
And He takes wise decisions cleanly

At no time He will commit any blunder
Every action of God is a true wonder

If God-faith is by the World had
To World's prosperity it will add

Just approach God and express
He will eliminate every distress

If God is with true belief trusted
He will be very strongly interested

His heart loves those who believe
He helps them with real mirth live

Love of God alone has no match
His attention, all actions catch

God alone will ever care and bear
Prayer will get rid of every scare


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 865 times
Written on 2011-02-07 at 16:42

Tags God  Belief  Faith 

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i would like to tell you something.
with love.

i have been there.
and i care
but if i don't,
and no-one else won't
then i will try
to on't... aye
and if i can't
then i'll ask an ant
and you know what he'll say
try again a different way
and then...
the sonnet
the prose
the angst

the poet.

with respect
an aspect
of the poet

and you.
never stop