rock on for tea.


so peaceful and calming... tea is awesome.

but it seems whenever all these things happen,
when I lock myself in my room for all the stupid things

and then get some tea,
just sitting by the fridge not talking till its done

its me whos calm, not tea.

and when its me sitting on my floor in the dark, drinking tea
and my mom walks in to see my knife holster wrapped around my fingers,

its me calm too...

unlike the rest of the world.

Words by Andy
Read 815 times
Written on 2006-03-13 at 00:33

Tags Break  Calm  Tea 

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Tea is good.. very calming indeed... I somehow find this significant from the others... interesting and amazing at the same time??

I personally like tea with honey in it... it seriously helps my throat after a long hard day of being hyper! And it also calms me down like sort of what you described in your poem... but then comes coffee.... MWAHAHAHA!!!!

The rest of the world needs to get a life and calm down.

I've actually never had tea, I think...I tend to not drink bitter things like tea and coffee...I don't know why. You make tea sound great, though! Nice poem!

mmm irish breakfast tea.... well you may have a knife but i've got five incredibly sharp arrows and a bow! :P :D incredibly good