verson 2


Precious is the word indeed,
it explains the reasons why,
its given to those I need,
and hold especially high.

Precious means a lot to me,
its soft, its sweet, and kind.
I'm trying to let you see,
that it is hard to find !

Precious is a feeling great,
of hope, of faith, and love,
its something for which we wait,
sent from God above.!

Precious holds the deepest thought,
the greatest love and force.
and I love you, yes a lot,
my dearest love, of course !


Poetry by Donald Thornton
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Written on 2011-06-24 at 05:52

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Donald Thornton
To all that liked this poem, in it's original write the last stanza was different from what is placed here it said Line two: The greastest love and Peace, and line four read: My dearest love, Denise.
but was changed to make the poem fit all not just one name.

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