Learning new stuff at my age is frought with danger...and occasionally delight when I get my citations completed. Ahhhh the joys of pensionerhood.

My Tutor.

I like my tutor she makes me think,
About wars, and empires and history.
Her good advice, given with a wink.
Will most times solve the mystery.

Tutor is smart in tight blue jeans,
Her shapely form is pleasing.
I hang now on her every word,
Sometimes I know she's teasing.

Essay now is nearly done, worth it in the end.
But her marking can be so severe
She really drives me round the bend.
Might consider another career.

(She is smarter than almost everyone I know..
...but my cabbages are bigger than hers.)

Poetry by Sid Gardner
Read 535 times
Written on 2011-07-16 at 21:42

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