Those who lived through it may recognise some of the gist. Those who didnt will never know what they missed.

The 60's

Buttondown collars that were narrow and right,
Girls in dirndl skirts before there were tights.
Winklepicker shoes that turned up at the toe.
A kiss and a cuddle..thats as far as could go.

The Beatles, Freddie, and the Merseybeats too,
The lyrics that ended with love 'from me to you'.
Cars that were bought for under ten quid,
A gallon of petrol four bob to young Sid.

The rave, the stomp, and the twist were all great,
Ten pints before dancin, shared with 'best mate.
Fights at the dancehall, razors were used,
Teddy Boy zuit suits, knuckle dusters abused.

Beehive hairstyles, Mascara and spray.
Tried very hard to have 'wicked way'.
D.A.'s, Brylcream, lots of 'Old Spice'.
Avoided the girls who were labled 'too nice'.

A night at the flics and a wandering hand,
Touching 'giggle band', reached 'promised land.
Dates with older girls just like your mum,
Knew what you wanted and made it seem fun.

In all the 60's were a helluva time.
Before drugs and lager and psychotic rhymes.
The new generation knows not of those years,
Instant celebrity cult now drives them to tears.

Poetry by Sid Gardner
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Written on 2011-07-28 at 17:51

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