The Meadow Of Love

The green grass all around us hiding where
we lay.
The love we share is like no other love can be.
You holding me in away I can't deny.
My body not wanting to surrender and not wanting
to let go.
I can feel the heat of your touch as you kiss me gently.
My body on fire as you release me from your embrace
a soft moan escapes from my parted lips.
My mind traveling here and there wondering why
I was released and not taken?
Was his love gone?
Did he have another to take down this same road?
Then all at once I was drowning in pleasure.
The world was spinning faster and my eyes couldn't
focus, my heart was pounding.
I whispered take me now a tear fell and I was in ecstasy.
I cared not who was in sight and who began to watch as
my wild side became to form into this wildfire.
The passion within this love now holds the imprints of
you and I in the meadow we shared.

Poetry by wbluerose02
Read 551 times
Written on 2006-03-18 at 03:36

Tags Love 

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