Too Much Information


'Balance whoosh! :( loved the chat. :) whatever you decide I'm here-to talk about the gory details or the mundane ones! =D just put up the bat sign, bat girl (me) will be there in a bit! =P'- AWme, 24.08.2010, 12:18am.

Our first gory details conversation took the life outta our phones!!


Gory Details:

'Baby think u've felt all the parts of me I can comfortably let u...' To TanTan, 02.05.2010, 2:59pm


'I just want to lie in ur arms n do nothing at all...' To TanTan, 02.05.2010, 2:56pm

'Ur lips are amazing too..n next time i'm gonna rip ur shirt open! ;)' To TanTan, 02.05.2010, 2:49pm

 'Noone's gone wild over my body's really amazing actually.' To TanTan, 02.05.2010, 2:48pm


I have to admit the one reason I liked him was cos he liked me for the way I looked. Never happened before.

To my knowledge.


'I like u. I'm attracted to u and I know this can't go very far cos we live very different it's ok with me...I'm upset now...but i'll make my peace with it..thanks for being such a sweetheart..I like the way u makes me feel special :)' To TanTan, 11.04.2010, 2:18am


'Surprising that we r messaging big time.'  TanTan, 27.03.2010, 12:32pm


'Big time' is not the word! 4000+ msgs in total. Just 6 months


'Thanks for being honest and telling me everything. Trust is what matters in every relationship Ur amazing' TanTan, 28.03.2010, 1:11am


That's one thing. We stayed honest.


'Trust Ur voice is amazing. It's loud and clear. Impresed' TanTan, 27.03.2010, 12:17pm

 That's why he fell for me. He says.


'Hey u seem to be tensed. Don't worry every thing is gonna be ok. Tomorrow is Ur first day have fun. All the best I am sure u will do well and grow faster.' TanTan, 28.03.2010, 10:15pm


That was an awfully never ending moment in time.I told my boss I was leaving. He called him into the little room, suffocatingly little. I can remember being unsure. He wasn't. He knew this was good for me. Supportive. Even today.


'Ur hot and sexy anyways. After all Ur my gal should be that way. Wat say sugar?' TanTan, 08.04.2010, 12:14am


Day of the first kiss :) I still quiver when I remember it.


'I donno babe..I really really like's gonna be tough..let's just take it one day at a time...n see how it goes...' TanTan, 03.05.2010, 2:14pm


I can fearlessly say it went well. Now I can say it wasn't tough. It didn't involve tears and I liked it.


'I'm lying on the bed without a shirt on...they are missing u ;)'  To TanTan, 02.05.2010, 3:40pm


I like his word for them.

Now I do.


'Try not to think too much babe! U've been very honest from the start so I don think there's Much chance of me getting hurt...let's keep it simple...what say?' To TanTan, 03.05.2010, 2:20pm


Connect the dots.


'See that's what i'm saying...i always stop u when I'm not fine with it's cool' To TanTan, 02.05.2010, 3:06pm


'I don't wanna hurt u any cost. If u look at life realistically its gonna be real tough. I keep thinking about it.'  TanTan, 03.05.2010, 2:17pm


Diary by Purple Puddles
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Written on 2011-08-03 at 11:02

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