These Parts

I have too many words for my mouth to hold in
Too many things for my mind to conceal
I've filtered out the parts that made you look bad
But that was then
This is now
You're not quite shining like you use to
I have no right to ask why
I have no right to say another word to your deaf ear
It was hard enough to pretend it wasn't good-bye
But a lack of language brings such an event
In a not so sudden shock
You haven't been in your body for a while now
You have been seeping out your seams since this began
Timing is unkind, but could have been tempted
If the means were just right
But your fascination caved in on me
I couldn't hold your minds eye
Long enough to grasp your trust
I tried
Which is more than can be clamed by you
You said my words were knives
But you handed me my weapons during all these wars
Built them up like guilt in the pit of my stomach
That you just took back
Like days we use to spent gathering each other's words
For a time we might need the comfort
I gave those away
Just the other day when I remembered you
Were no longer real
To me
I hope your nature serves you well
I hope you learn to speak your words
Before they slip between the cracks
Where no one can hear them
Like you wouldn't hear me

Poetry by ashley honig
Read 899 times
Written on 2011-08-07 at 05:01

Tags Break  Heart  Love 

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