Sadder thing is I am talking about you.


We are a generation of the morally corrupt
A he said, she said youth.
A like my status, if you like my status
Of retweeted, hash tagged truths.

We are media drenched government
With faceless politicians
Of low class, No class drop outs
Welfare babies with no ambitions.

A material world of Facebook posts
We want it fast, and cheap, or free
Of fist bump, spray tan barbie girls
Raised as Gucci Pradagies

We are drugged up, strung out disciples
Of the fast food corporation
A hey kids, hi kids, eat my fries kids!
Obesity is the raging new sensation!

We fight crimes and wars on Ps3
Yet can't spell Tel Aviv or Taliban
We are prideful, lustful, greedful, wastes
with no convictions and no plan

Sad to say we are ignorant
Inattentive, pathetic, and spent
There will be no change and no progress
If our generation remains indifferent

So dismantle, disrobe, and deactivate
Find a thought that is all your own.
Or they will snatch your soul, and eat you whole.
And reclaim you as their drone

Poetry by ashley honig
Read 887 times
Written on 2012-11-20 at 21:08

Tags Government  Generation  Youth 

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Oh, someone else feels the same way too? Thank God. But the duty of the artist is not to submit to the emptiness of living but to find an antidote for the despair.