Build Up

I try so hard to do the right thing
Set back and watch you shine
I know I can't expect the same
That right was never mine

I feel like all my words are wrong
My action all mistaken
It's always me and never good
My soul is torn and shaken

It's only fair I bleed my guilt
For words that had no place
I meant no harm on what we have
But I feel I've shown disgrace

I only wish you to be proud
And hold my hand up high
To see all that I do for you
And know the lengths I try

To want to share your life with me
And love me with no condition
And hold me up when I'm not so strong
And break this old tradition

So let me know I am what you need
Or if it's best if go
It's only fair a love as bold as mine
Not be kept so low.

Poetry by ashley honig
Read 779 times
Written on 2012-09-10 at 19:06

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You write beautifully! :-)