God made kindly you, And a woman to rescue. For loving He made a way, With her pray and enjoy the day.

Love is Woven by Heaven

Love alone will at last succeed
Two hearts it will safely lead
Kindness is the best indeed
That is what all souls need

In case you love, be honest
Love emotions you invest
Keep heart as a safe nest
Ever show genuine interest

If you cannot at all marry
To reveal it please be free
Wrong notions let none carry
Do not damage one's merry

Love is a wholly sacred thing
To love one need not be a king
Fine spring love alone can bring
Hearts will not tick, but sing

If love is used with a truthful heart
It will surely get colossal comfort
Love alone is playing a major part
Please love soon life is too short.



Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 860 times
Written on 2011-08-13 at 12:30

Tags Heart  Soul  Mind 

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