A piece about the lonliness and isolation we can sometimes feel

Today's Tomorrow...


Todays's Tomorrow...

by Spargo Postle



Today is just an extension
of Yesterday
Today is just a forerunner
of Tomorrow

being with myself

i belong to so many
so many belong to me
yet i sit here on my own
the words passing my lips
are for me

i used to congregate with people
converse by mouth
shake hands
hug and kiss
i used to feel the company of others

Now i have 'friends' by the hundred
Now i pass opinion after excremental opinion
Now i take criticism after cruel criticism
Now i read
Now i am read

i crave Yesterdays Tomorrow
all those i grew weary of
tedious conversations
the smell and touch of beings
the anonymity of the crowd
i crave my innocence


Today is what Tomorrow will bring
Today is what i've always wanted
Today fingertip's tap knowledge
Today i have 547 people who 'like' me

more lonely than i ever was

in a world of isolation

solitude in the internet

Tomorrow’s Tomorrow will bring...?

Poetry by Spargo Postle
Read 616 times
Written on 2011-09-13 at 10:41

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Scharlie Meeuws
And this is longing living in life's fog,
having no dwelling in relentless time.

And this is wishing, a quiet dialogue
of daily hours with all that's sublime.

And this is living till the loneliest hour
of yesterday rises so differently
than all the others, eager to devour
the silence of near-by eternity...

we both are thinking about time....

I don't believe this. Even this poem has fragments of my "future,present and past" and of "solitude" and "computer/internet". Wow!

Very interesting word play on yesterday, today, and tomorrow. To think that yesterday was the day before's tomorrow, etc. I personally think the human race puts too much emphasis on time and the passage thereof. Now everywhere you look is the current time: on our computer screens, on our telephones. Do we really need to measure every nano-second of our lives? I hear there was a time when people ate when they were hungry and bedtimes were set by the rising and setting of the sun.

Enjoyed your poem.