Diary Gone Missing

I lost my past memories,
All those were washed away,
Tried to Search viz. everywhere,
But couldn't find a single way.

Gone through corners and corridors,
Digged from the attic to the floor,
Wrecked the piles of books from the shelf,
Am I insane, where could it be? huff!

It was my best friend,
Scribbled joys and sorrows,
Anxieties and pains,
But all those feelings were rend,
A light of hope is still there,
whether I'd find it till morrow.

Waiting for its return,
Dying to read each word,
Plenty of times,
From beginning to the end.

Poetry by Zalan
Read 983 times
Written on 2011-10-12 at 15:57

Tags Diary  Gone  Missing 

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Huff indeed!
This is a sweet and open little piece, my friend, and I empathise fully with your need to find your diary. I'd be quite lost without mine! And I do enjoy perusing previous diaries, recalling the person I used to be.
I like particularly the third stanza, 'It was my best friend...'.