Sometimes being able to read directs you from the truth. Put down that book, look and listen.

Reading in depth.

Popular classics are good books that one may quote,
Polticians never shy to obtain the electorate's vote.
A people that aspire to be 'great and good' are but a tool,
In the ever increasing production of high octane fuel.

A book may have a beginning, middle and an end,
But what became of continuous prose my friend?
Dealing in truth may be hazardous, though cowards run.
Then what became of gold, empire, oil, and good old mum.

We all aspire to understand, reason and opinions form,
Then rail in delight as new ideas and 'initiatives' are born.
That page of news you read may appear to be proof,
Of yesterdays jounalism, selling woodpulp, ...but is it truth?

Poetry by Sid Gardner
Read 523 times
Written on 2011-10-22 at 11:29

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