I come to you to confess my sins.
I shot a man in cold blood in Folsom.
I stabbed many in Tennessee
I raped. women in Colorado.
I robbed the banks of the Rockies.
I took up with a gang on the border.
I hung several and have taken their wife's
and sold them.
I took the older children and made them into
I threw the babies into the pits of death.
I am not proud and I walk with shame.
I hang my head as they point my way.
The tears falls as they throw rocks upon my
I stand before you today with pain
I have hung myself with shame.
I have shot myself in the heart with grief.
I have died inside for the lost souls I have killed.
I was the sheriff who took the lives of many.

Poetry by wbluerose02
Read 564 times
Written on 2006-03-22 at 02:31

Tags Western 

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Zoya Zaidi
I have bombed towns,
Waged unjust wars,
Going on for years at what cost,
I can't keep count of the lives I taken,
I am not interested in how many I've forsaken,
I am still raging and waging wars,
I want to subjugate the whole world!
Rule the whole planet earth!
I am the Napoleon of our times!
I am not ashamed, in fact I'm proud !

((((Hugs wblueros02)))))
love, xxx, Zoya