Where will i find you...

when you've had enough
and you finally slip away
will you live in the voice
of a nightingales song
or the hearts
of all those who remain.

She was a flicker, a flame
the sweet taste of rain
the dew that covered my eyes
she danced in the clouds
that drift through the mind
the dawn of a silver sunrise

But with the cold winter breath
trapped in her heart
and snow laden thoughts of the past
she walked on thin ice
to a moment in time
and drew blood
with a slither of glass

...and while starlight did dance
to the music of chance
her blood dripped
to a dark crimson pool
which reflected her face
her beauty, her grace
and silently there
she did fall.

Now she has gone
consumed by the dark
the pain, was oh so much
i will lay my heart
with the flowers that pray
and quietly dream
of her touch.

So where will i find you
my friend, my love
now you've finally slipped away
will you live in the voice
of a nightingales song
or my heart
at rest by your grave.

Rik - 22/03/2006

Poetry by Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 1504 times
Written on 2006-03-22 at 22:32

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Doreen Cavazza
This is so beautiful and broke my heart to read. If there was a way to mark this as a favorite, I would. Your words bring across the joy of remembering and, at the same time, the sadness in the loss. This is fabulous.

Julie Shehata
Breathtaking - what an amazing gift you possess.

Excellant RIK ..... Loved reading this 1 . This one I think gives me food for thought in my "pieces of art " . Well written and thought out ...... a great touch . G

I am in the cold of the breeze,
That grazes your face:
When alone in the dark you look for me.
I am in the music that you hear,
In the hues that colour your world,
I am in the heartbeat of your lone soul...
Look for me no more,
For I am here with you.

Malin Johansson
This was really beautiful, It gave me tears in my eyes...

This was so beautiful!!!

especially liked the lines

she was a flicker, a flame
the sweet taste of rain

You're a beauty! It's in your spine!


Another enchanting piece of poetry...no wonder so many read your work.

You match both sorrow and loss with tenderness and awe. Exquisite


liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
This flows so well
and expresses grief of a lost one extremely well.

A sad and touching poem.


Zoya Zaidi
Sorrow-beautiful, anguish-sublime,
Heart-tearing-grief, a loss-hard-to-define,
Some go and leave all this behind,
And all those who are left behind,
Wonder how to recapture the lost
moments, the memories, tender & soft?

(((((Avery heart-rending piece of art, Rik))))

Thanks for sharing!
It is exquisite!

A***sigh***escapes me in spite of myself!

Love and God Bless!!!
xxx, Zoya

When i read this i thought: Hey Rik, weren't you supposed to "brighten up a little"??
On the other hand, though boundlessly sad, this text is so greatly beautiful...

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
a lovely subtle poem rik your skills are sublime rgds