Positive mood, Proves to be shrewd, He who is positive, Will be ever creative, Love your duty always, For in life peaceful days.

Optimism Promotes Dynamism

Always think that it is possible,
Such an idea alone will assist
To overcome all sorts of hurdles.
Being positive performs wonders.

When you proceed optimistically,
Your emotions are finely greased.
Your mind gets clear-cut thoughts.
Your soul finds possible remedies.

We must start our duty promptly
And never at all allow deviation.
We must concentrate with vigor
And try to excel in all the ways.

By equipping with the needed skill,
We must contribute our level best.
We must not idle away time lazily.
Ever we must do busy-functioning.

We must learn possible techniques
That will add beauty to our talents.
Constantly we must strive very hard
And at last derive an excellent name.




Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 860 times
Written on 2011-12-15 at 17:24

Tags Job  Work  Happiness 

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