(with apologies to Lewis Carroll)

A Rolling Stone Sings to Mother Teresa

To this life,
replete in unconnected fragments,
you are glue,
bonding disjointed existence,
exhalting impassioned communication,
raising love beyond visible heights.
There are no sounds without receiver;

what good are nimble thoughts,
without the same --- a lover
with whom to share?
Every separation is a link,
making closer the rendezvous.
Every revelation a mortar,
cementing admiration in opposites.
I need to know

the unknowable you,
dissimilar as we are,
routinely disagreeing,
reinforcing our mutuality.
O delicious paradox,

delight me,
in the not knowing
in the riddles
of relationships.
We both appreciate

Carroll's Rules of Jam ---
"Jam tomorrow or jam yesterday,
but never jam today."
My trusted ally,

who but we,
shall prevail against such logic?
Let's share
"six impossible beliefs
before breakfast."

Poetry by Brian Oarr
Read 480 times
Written on 2012-02-01 at 21:27

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