The world is held hostage by multi-national corporations who's wealth is created by extracting tolls by way of law suits and bullying from weak defenceless but asset rich countries. Who will hold Anon to account.Above will those who extoll justice be fre

'My Concern''.

I care not if you live or die or have a home in which to live,
My concern is that I take your diamonds, foodstocks and coal.
I care not if you work for little reward or your roof is tin,
I own you hook line and sinker, body and soul.

I care less that you are ill educated and your children starve.
My concern is that you serve me and pay tribute on demand
I care less if you have poor food and a lifespan halved,
You are my chattels, if you fail me your blood drains into sand.

I care that you are my slave and are shackled to my cause.
My concern is that those chained shackles are tightly locked.
I care more for your national riches that you can not protect,
You shall wash my feet salute me and pay me due respect.

But then, if I dwell on what I do, and show concern.
For the weak, defenseless and exploited peoples of the world,
Many will aspire to my power, my control, my corporate reserves.
They will become as me, as I then deminish to one who serves.

Poetry by Sid Gardner
Read 521 times
Written on 2012-02-12 at 18:39

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