Perhaps we consider we ae shackled to the world, we know and settle for, that participation in its many facets makes us imune to reality.That reality can really change in the blink of an eye,...or just a long lingering look from eyes like limpet pools....


He drove to work every day, then sat down for seven hours,
Never did he consider that love was a hairs bredth away.
He went home at five and at the garage bought her flowers,
Evening he showered and with his dog did he play.

She waited for him to return to endure his mouthing of dispair,
Always the same unhappy ritual he with his tired aching frame.
She was always ready to accommodate his lust for her,
Turning her eyes to the heavens when that moment came.

He saw her in the railway carriage, she recognised his gaze,
Never did he dream that her grey business suit would fall.
To the floor, in that hotel room, that bathroom floor glazed,
Those senses long forgotten, that sound a releasing call.

He dove to her apartment and stayed there, a new life began.
Never did he falter, his mind cleansed of doubt and indecision.
His new life now a reward, for pain suffered with Megan.
He bought flowers from Harvey Nicks, loved his new aquisition.

Poetry by Sid Gardner
Read 556 times
Written on 2012-03-29 at 02:56

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