Nothing lasts forever ....except taxation..


She sat beside the tree where once I carved her name.
That tree now grown, her bole still bears my inscribed mark.
Where once we sheltered from an early springtime rain
A meeting place not far from home, the centre of the park.

She lay upon the beach where once we laughed and cried,
That beach now rocks and shingle scoured by summer tides.
Blinded to the happiness we saw in each others eyes,
Our spirits soar as seagulls floated upon azure cloudless skies.

She stood before me in that cold dark airless room,
That agony, my summer turned to bleak cold heartless winter.
Kindred spirit became as bleak as any cold dark tomb
Her smile betrayed her feelings, she had left me for another.

So if you have reason to abandon hope in all its cruel forms,
Remember the seasons come then go, stop then start.
The new day guarantees rain, hail, shine and raging storm.
Constant sun will rise again some warm your heart

Poetry by Sid Gardner
Read 577 times
Written on 2012-04-25 at 16:12

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I enjoyed this, the depth of feelings that once was and the optimism that htere is always another day. Here's hoping your heart has been warmed.