I happened to see the new moon, just before the dusk.

Looking At You And Me.

Looking at the moon, I hope to see you soon
Wonder if you see it too, cause if you do
It's kind of connecting, through the sky dark and blue
It's a magical sign from me to you.

Looking at the sky, I wish my spirit's high
But how could it be, when you're not near.
So I have some wine, thinking it would be fine
There will be no tear, when you are here.

And your beauty shows, like a tender rose
But without thorns
I know you are, you leave no scar.

Looking at the sea, it's calm and still
Wonder will you see me ,when you are free.
Cause if you will, I rush to you
Nothing holds me here, if I can have you near.

But you're so far, so far away
Can anyone say,
Why it has to be, so hard on me....?

Feeling the wind, against my chin
Making me blow a kiss , away to you.
Telling how I miss, your love and care
Hope my kiss gets through, to wonderful you.

Poetry by Richard
Read 632 times
Written on 2012-05-28 at 04:24

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