Being in love.


Tread gently for the ground
is tender under foot.
Piping winds blow echoes where
tiny bones are laid to rest
Shadows cast, fronds unfurl
throw off your veils of silvered fur -
heady from the morning dew
as slip, they, into morning rise
Awake, for the curfew of the
night unfolds.
Glance in favour dying
candles, ascend the buds
of fallen flowers
Corpses of gossamer tissue
poised to free fall without care
I would speak with you a
thousand times -
as my love in youth lays
broken bound
womanhood unlaced -
though delicate be her wings
kindled by the flames
Skies overhead smoulder
and my lungs do grasp for air
fan not my shouts of doubt,
as you rest a while to stare

Poppy ~xx~

Poetry by Poppy
Read 651 times
Written on 2012-06-19 at 16:01

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Every line is, well, poetic. Carefully written and thoughtful exposition of the wonder of being in love.