Love turned bad.

Linear Lines

I considered you my lover
spread the bridal sheet white
beneath the pillow
In foreplay always the gift of tongue,
calloused fingers nails bitten - quick
Linear lines of velvet chairs
scuffed marked - children of
little care
Questions, are you dressed
to impress or startle
aunts tongues wagging
great debacle
Sun danced the king in splendour
rain soaked picnics - shrunken crotched
Play the jester all your wish
hum your tune until it hurts
Smiled over the cracks
with cosmetics - I did
sticky back plastered the split
Frozen rabbit head light gripped
the pied piper let his magic slip

Poetry by Poppy
Read 652 times
Written on 2012-07-25 at 20:15

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Good one.