she with the wind in her hair
my circle of perfection
Warm heart beating with passion
on cold stone walls
rebellious light frothy laughter
floating upwards bubbles in the air
Collected picture postcards
girlish cotton summer dresses, ignite
my memories for when life gets
a little broke Sarah with a smile
ever fragrant flower everywhere
and nowhere - but forever here
A front door that anticipates your
key the meals for one so willing to
be shared Sarah
run back ... if
ever you should feel alone
Let lightening steps cut across
these long lost years
A paleness muffled - clings
Dreams turn black, inside out,
as wasted days - the abacus of life
skip painful through the years
Spent are the petals that bruise
to fall in clusters, then take flight
catch one Sarah grasp it tight
for it shall be your ticket
Sarah's coming home...

Poetry by Poppy
Read 705 times
Written on 2012-07-18 at 12:48

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Morning Star
Beautiful, lively, thoughtful poem. I love the way you describe her experience with such movement, and with such grace in the flow of your words.

Great poem Poppy !

Thank you for reading and commenting.

Perhaps something more than friendship . . . there is love and wisdom and gratitude here, and some wonderful images: "A front door that anticipates your key," . . . the petal that is the ticket home. There is grace and longing and hope and something more - Sarah.