Get the habit to wait, Waiting is might, That is totally right, Calmly stage a lawful fight, Then success, you can sight, Time will show light, You will get delight, Nothing happens overnight, Having patience is foresight.

Be Patient to Secure Cent Percent

Patiently waiting will solve the problems
Patience has got an enormous potential
Only by remaining patient we get hope
Patience is the remedy for all ailments

Accepting the position itself gives relief
As a result of our stoical disposition
We gather strength equal to a mountain
Our energy reaches the peak magically

Time will soon fly without stopping
So, our job is to spend it cheerfully
Building trust and confidence in mind
Time is the medicine given by Nature

Believe that the difficulty will soon pass
Face it and methodically try to attack it
Convince your mind that you have ability
Proceed optimistically toward the target

Difficulties are bound to arise in life
A brave soul accepts every challenge
By undergoing all possible agonies
A person emerges as a winner surely

Practicing the art of patience is tough
It requires great and immense sagacity
But, once patience is acquired fully
All troubles fizzle out due to that trait.


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 683 times
Written on 2012-08-03 at 17:11

Tags Patience  Waiting  Calm 

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