These Celestial Phenomena always invoke strange thoughts and inspire me to think of the wonder that Nature is...

The Blue Moon

The Moon shown bright
With its bluish light
It woke me up in the middle of the night

It peeped through my window,
as if it smelled my woe,
It shown on my palpebra,
it penetrated my eyes
The brightness was enough to fill my sight
and I woke-up with surprise
To find it smiling down at me
its blueish tinge fascinating me...

And I wondered,
though it was soothing
to see the blue hue,
skirting its periphery,
like mountain dew,
But, was it happy?
or, was it blue?
The celestial phenomena in my soul imbued
a feeling of disturbing kind:
Why the Moon must change its hues?

Sometimes it turns red,
with passionate quay-
troubled it dances on the sky's bay...
Sometimes it blue,
though not so cool,
Depressed yet shining bright all night
it is surrounded by a halo fine...

And sometimes its completely eclipsed,
by the same Earth it circles all life,
waxing and waning,
then reborn again,
to encircles the same Earth
again and again,
and ultimately by it betrayed...

Why the Moon seems helpless to me-
always shining in reflected glory...
And though so bright with its soothing light,
Does it have a choice to shine
Or, not shine?

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyright©Zoya zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 1561 times
Written on 2012-09-02 at 11:15

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Your way of words inspires me.
You get better all the time.
and bookmarked

M Heathcote
I was looking at the brightest moon I ever did see last week.
And whilst I was looking I was all so thinking how can that be?
How can a lump of dead rock shine so bright... the world is a gazing as are your pictures in words ((Zola))...

Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
Hi Zoya...always enjoy reading your work...

Don't forget the man in the know how changeable
men can be, so perhaps the moon doing all its changing is his influence

xxx Stan