This Zen-poem stems from the intellect of Ms Ecker's creative intellect.  I was honored to be invited along for the write.

Crusty Old Lion --- A collaboration of Suzanne Ecker & Brian Oarr

He sits atop the fence,
a transient from the endless circus,
eyeing a prickly pear catus flower.

Meditating upon its ephemeral beauty,
he asks the eternal question:
Fleeting flower of yellow and pink,
is the will to charm still there?

My son, how could I not
be charmed by your
exquisite roar, followed by
the delicate blooming of your innocence?

Then remember me that I
may remember our predicament!

Poetry by Brian Oarr
Read 583 times
Written on 2012-09-08 at 07:05

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and a fine collaboration it is! Thanks to both of you for this fine merging of language and thought.