God will cure, So always be sure, Patiently endure, Keep heart pure. God will save, Making mind brave, He will come like wave, And kindly behave.

When God Embraces, Peace Surfaces

When you are in a confused state of mind
Pray so that God will be absolutely kind

Troubles when circle you to strongly attack
Prayer alone will help so that God will back

When all the friends ditch you without heart
God alone will be ever ready to give comfort

Your agonies when are deep and hurting
God only will never think of just aborting

Hurdles and blocks when strongly hinder
God will fall upon them like a big thunder

Only God will accompany you everywhere
As He alone shows maximum love and care

All your prayers are answered by the Lord
All human beings will only try to just defraud

At no time God will leave you feeling bored
Due to prayer said, you are by God adored

God never cheats, but to save you is keen
Always people cheat and are badly mean

Faith in God gives solace and His holy grace
On our behalf, all the problems, God will face.


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 1066 times
Written on 2012-10-24 at 10:16

Tags Hope  Faith  Prayer 

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