Ontology for a Nameless Tao

It was my best friend who asked me
what I'd choose to be in my next incarnation.
Honestly, she caught me completely off guard,
intellectually dumbfounded by a prospect
I'd never considered, nor felt I deserved.
That night I wracked my brain searching for
a suitable chakra from which to derive an answer.
I know she believes everything is renewed,
so, deferring to her convictions,
I chose a jaguar, as suitable for my solitary way.


She's always had a knack for surprising my existence,
deflecting the metaphysical, steering for spiritual shores.
I recognize this power she exudes, though she dismisses me.
The jaguar I'm evolving divinely subsumes her virtues,
is cognizant of the heroine from Mumbai ashrams.
I'd like to tell you I hear rumblings in the sky,
that there's a certain path beneath my feet,
but my destiny eludes all outward signs,
striving for that inner love that has no name.

Poetry by Brian Oarr
Read 604 times
Written on 2012-10-29 at 04:43

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I think the most profound concept in this piece is in the last line. To me that state of mind which we sometimes call religion or metaphysical is an expression of what we don't, or can't, know or name. Names of the unknowable are, rather like poetry: merely symbols, metaphors, etc. To quote a line from a folk singer I like, Luka Bloom: 'Everything is possible; but nothing is for sure.'


I would have chosen a monarch butterfly....
probably due to the required metamorphosis
and the pilgrimage of thousands of miles
that arrives at the congregation of other monarchs.