Fair Maiden

Fair maiden,
think not of what has been,

nor that which has fallen,
by your side.

All is nature's way
of clearing
the underbrush
from your spirit

so that your song can arise again
filled with beauty,
filled with the sweetness
of love's truth.

So, do not tarry in yesteryear
for your growth is vital,
protruding forth
as it does
from that place
that was made for kings,
upon the thrown
of eternal majesty.

Poetry by Morning Star
Read 685 times
Written on 2012-11-03 at 19:07

Tags Spiritual  Inspirational  Reflective 

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Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
There are two things to consider when reading a poem: its subject and how it is written. Most of the comments we receive here focus on the former. I find this to be frustrating, since I feel that the latter is far more important. The writing is what makes an expression a poem (or doesn't; we've seen enough of that). The subject, at least, for me, is just an excuse for writing. The subject of this poem doesn't particularly appeal to me. The way you have written, on the other hand, knocks me out. This is a beautifully fluid piece of writing, an excellent poem. Well done, MS.

Perhaps the Fair Maiden is winter, "nature's way of clearing the underbrush" so that "your song can rise again" in spring. Or perhaps, on a cold and dreary November day, that is just the way I need to read it. Either way I like the sense of redemption and resurrection.