written on a piece of tissue....after the final phone call....


Look at me, Give me life...
breathe me in...then take out the knife...

Write me a song, sing it on stage,
Then tear the paper...set it ablaze..

Cover my mouth and muffle my scream
Sink your teeth and let my blood stream..

Thrust the knife, make it pure,
Then turn the blade, just to be sure..

Rip my heart out, Let me die,
Then stick a pipe and suck me dry..

Take my remains, dig a grave in hells keep,
Then strip me naked and shove me in deep..

Poetry by Umang
Read 795 times
Written on 2006-04-04 at 23:15

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This poem was very powrful and very good!

Zoya Zaidi
MY god what an intense poem!
So, damn bloody, IT SCARES ME!
What al do you store in side you?
Umang? You amaze me!
Never the less a powerful write!

Reminds me of my poem "Is It a Nightmare, or is it True?"It was in
a different context though!

(((hugs Umang))))
Love, xxx, Zoya

I totally feel you.The cruelty of the whole saga is so well depicted my heart really goes out to you......

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hey man unrequited love is really painful and when a true love is unilaterally ended the pain is almost unbearable but it will ease eventually to indifference
trust me i know after many years of experience the best antidote find another
rgds mike

Jon Hanover
Damn Mondays suck everywhere. Really dark, how long were you with her or attempt to be with her when she said no or it's over ? Ending relationships can suck bad. I had my fiancee end our relationship over the phone so I know it sucks. Good poem.

ouch....now that would really hurt big time...sounds like you just poured your heart out to someone and they didnt even care.....well i still love ya! she doesnt know what she is missing yet.....good expression in this one.