prose/poem/prayer dealing with the "evil", that contaminates the world. It comes as quietly as dust falls yet destroys with it's "loud" scream of destruction.

Blanket of Dust

Suffocating, gasping for breath,
the land lies silently beneath
a blanket of dust.

I, too, am covered with this same blanket.

It reaches into my mouth,
my ears, my nose, and my eyes.
It plunges its greedy self
into my soul.

A covering, not of comfort, but of pain and sorrow.

I await the dawn of a new day,
A dawn that brings replenishing rain,
a dew that washes the smothering
blanket away.

A dawn of renewal, of new life, of thirst quenching rain.

Oh, God, please see through our dust covered world.

Rain down
your mercy,
your grace,
your compassion
on our dry and thirsty souls.

Oh, God, our hearts cry out,

Only we have no tears.

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 1428 times
Written on 2006-04-06 at 03:31

Tags Destruction  Sorrow  Prayer 

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I love this Kat. I know I must have missed many of yours over the years, but Wow I really should not have missed this one. Thank you for it! Damon

David L Wright
Very provocative piece and a worthy sentiment. Even a non-christian like myself believes in the power of prayer if only for self-affirmation. Thanks for re-visiting my page and commenting on "Freedoms Land." I live 30 miles north of the Mexican border and see the consequences of clandestine immigration. Happy trails neighbor.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Katherine I came to this poem again as i was lookiung through you wonderful work and
i see that i didnt comment this was your first and wow was i lax in missing this wonderful demonstation of your skill no wonder you became my favourite poet here xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxylk Michael

There are not many like you but it is through your beauty that we shall arise..

I Love This Piece (FAV)

Christian Ward
Good metaphor and enjoyable poem

p.s noticed a typo in the line:

'a blanke of dust.'

I think you meant to write:

'a blanket of dust.'

Zoya Zaidi
"Only we have no tears."
You are the new find, dear Kathy Lockhart!
Welcome to the bay, with open arms!

We shall wash away the blanket of dust together with our rain of tears from the compassion of our hearts!

Psst... you must be my sister!

Love, xxx, Zoya