only by taking an action, We learn to live, Our best when we give, We get satisfaction. Only when we try, And make a bold attempt, Success will be prompt, To make our fame go Sky-high.

Prudence is Holding Confidence

Think of tomorrow and all your plans
Just hope that you can execute them
Believe that they will come out fine
Cheerfully today trust in your skill

Prepare with care and true motive
Make proper arrangements duly
Show maximum faith and pursue
Surely time will act in your favor

Confidently when you march ahead
All events will in your way only turn
As a result of your honest efforts
Success will open for you its door

Please be serious in your approach
At the same time worry not foolishly
Deploy your capacity in full swing
And try to realize your golden dream

Joyfully travel toward your mission
Hindrances may occur to annoy
Accept them and tackle hurdles
Winning will surely take place

Debacles will strengthen your mind
As they will make you extra smart
Every setback will give a new idea
So make schemes using losses

A winner is normally courageous
His motto is to be always alert
Due to his patience and talent
He in the end achieves glory.


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 988 times
Written on 2013-01-20 at 17:47

Tags Trust  Hope  Try 

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Dear galateus (The PoetBay support member heart!)

Due to your colossal support only
I am able to write here happily
You have also given me praise
That is to me like Sun-rise
I thank you for your patting
As you help me do batting.

mv venkataraman

This poem speaks with the very voice of prudent confidence. Inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting. Thank you so much for sharing.