a tribute to all the beautiful women in Sweden. But one in perticular

There was a beautiful Woman from Sweden by M.A.Meddings

The Beautiful Woman from Sweden

By M.A.Meddings

There was a beautiful woman from Sweden
A veritable garden of Eden
Of maidens so nubile
They cramped all of my style
Without any rhyme or the reason

This one had such pretty brown eyes
To ignore her sweet smile would not be wise
It took hold of your heart
Right from the start
With a kiss that left nothing to surprise

One day on my way to Alingsas
Our paths quite by chance happened to cross
I tipped her the wink
Which made the lass think
She might rob me and make off with my hoss

But an athlete like me can run faster
Than a nubile chick from the Vasten
I kissed her and then
Just kissed her again
Without any time left to wasten

But our love couldn't be
She was married you see
With a husband built like a shogun
He said I was crass
Then he peppered my ass
With a blast of both barrels from his shot gun

Poetry by lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-04-07 at 09:53

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a big "Woho!" to being Swedish ^^ Haha

Thank you so much for this educating tribute to all the Swedish ladies around ! I am still laughing (in a very Swedish way of course)

Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
Dancing with fire your lust and desire
very dangerous in Sweden my friend
with your sentiment i agree
Eden's prophetic apple tree
laden with the blossom
of the women you see. ;-)

Always a pure delight to read.

Once again you shine as the lastromantic hero of the bay! You better watch those hubbies they will get you everytime...lol


A nice, cheeky and humorous verse, Hero!
Though i'm sorry for your ass ;-)

Stay away from the sweeds.
Norwegians are far better.
I`m glad her husband spiced your behind though. At least the poor fellow had a trace of honour.
Regardless, -your poem was quite enjoyable!
; )

Christian Ward
I like the last stanza, very funny

Zoya Zaidi
Hey Mike, if it is true, it is sad and funny both at the same time!
There are so many Swedish ladies here, each better looking, and more intelligent than the other, I dare not even take a wild guess?
So, it is over?
Love, xxx, Zoya

Malin Johansson
This one was really good... I live near Alingsås, I live between Gothenburgh and Alingsås :) I think this was wonderful... YET AGAIN...

Hey ..... This is GOOD ! ... Enjoyed this read a lot . Well written and thought out ...... Cheers ! .... G