(This poem depicts the experience of living freely, without attachments)

I Cannot Linger

I cannot linger long
at your door,
nor make a place beside your hearth,

for you see
although the spirit is strong,
the night—of illusion—
has taken its toll,

so lest I get caught up
in that again,
I must sip only from your cup
and take my flight again
on the wings of love

to remain fluid in that voice
that connects me to the great All.

I cannot linger here with you,
but can visit from time to time,
and so here I flit and fly,
dip and dive,

to then go on my way

and catch the next breeze
that takes me to that something else
—wherever my Spirit leads.

This does not mean
that I love you (all)
any less.

Poetry by Morning Star
Read 940 times
Written on 2013-02-23 at 05:25

Tags Spiritual  Freedom  Reflection 

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ngaio Beck
Beautiful.Tinged with a note of sadness.

Language: 5
Format: 5
Mood: 5
Overall: 4

Perhaps the hardest lesson of life: learning to let go.

Profound and lovely poem.


Language: 4
Format: 4
Mood: 5
Overall: 4

Nils Teodor The PoetBay support member heart!
Very well written
Being like a feather on the breath of God
Thanks for sharing

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Yours are the most musical poems here, MS. It's good to have you back.

countryfog The PoetBay support member heart!
Many thoughts come to mind . . . if we live long enough and our trust is betrayed often enough, it is no longer an option . . . and perhaps, if we have the courage, it is what makes our spirit stronger. Does what "connects me to the great All" preclude connecting to the one? . . . I wonder. And the last stanza almost begs the reader to finish it - "but that I love more . . ." You've given me much to think about, sifting through almost seventy years for what has led me "living freely" too, and what that means for me.