Some people state that the mere fact that you wish to take part in politics would debar you from office.Some wonder why there is little appetite for contesting insane policies in European legislation. Then if I were a career politician and all around me w


Uni was a breeze and east street meant easy seat,
Took up a dockers oily Liverpool bleat.
I chose a party that seemed radical and bohemian.
Won the seat set up by a former exiled Glaswegian.

Although he was gorgeous and had a vacant smile,
The catsuit on his TV performance was sickeningly vile.
A deal done in Karachi ensured a massive vote.
Won the seat but nice lady former MP was 'all she wrote'.

Economy in ruins the banks are bust without a trace,
Too much worry about arms and immigration race.
So I know what to do if the ship sinks, and I have to run,.
First class train to cozy Brussels...Just like Kinnock done....

Poetry by Sid Gardner
Read 618 times
Written on 2013-03-17 at 18:59

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