A walk with God

Winter is here
everything covered
in snow.
I am walking
and God is walking
beside me.

My intellect
along with all my worries
are with me as before
but I don't listen
the way I used to

I realize
that God can be trusted
He will carry me
when I can't find a way to go
He will lift me up with joy
when I am happy

I don't have to understand
it all.
I don't have to analyze
it all.
I can rest in His arms
knowing nothing
believing everything

I am walking home
home through the snow
and God is with me.

Poetry by pia
Read 750 times
Written on 2006-04-09 at 17:38

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Steven Sabula
I've never understood,but I have always known.God puts a smile on my face daily-through you he just did it again!thank you

I really love this one.

Yes, we don't have to understand. As long we do the walking, understanding will come eventually.

He's always with us, just waiting for us to see Him...

Zoya Zaidi
May God bless you!
It is great to have faith,
It sees you through so much trouble!
Welcome to the bay!
Love, xxx, Zoya