the end

sit patiently as death does creep upon you
gaze valiantly into the decaying countenance
the toothless aspect jealous of all living things

fear not the darkened sky nor raging sea
the blighted land, the broken promises
rail not against predictable necessity

sometimes anticipated as the dark of winter
sometimes as unexpected as a lightning flash
but as surely as the stars are in the heavens she will arrive

strum not with demented violence your untuned harp
sing not to her in broken voice
as breathing fails and vision dims

smile gently upon her vile visage
throw open the cloak of your final moments
as she claims her just comeuppance

shed no tear for those who have gone before
be brave and unruffled and know this
we shall not pass this way again

Poetry by Wumbulu
Read 549 times
Written on 2013-06-19 at 11:56

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Ghost of Heino
This poem spoke to me directly as I just sat by my mothers deathbed. Although we do not know what way we shall depart next, sure it is this way it will never be.
Thank you for your write.